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I love food. I love cooking. I love sharing food. It's the one gift you can give someone that they take inside of themselves and forever becomes a part of them. Food is more than fuel. It's a feeling, a memory, a cure, a gift, a toy..... My recipes aren't exact. There's room for substitutions, discovery, experimentation and play. Anything can be healthy with a few tweaks, or comforting with a few more. Many of my recipies are veggie friendly with just the omittance of meat, never lacking in flavour. The sky is the limit -Variety is the spice of life!

Monday, January 21, 2013

BLTA Sandwich Bliss

It has been a while since I have posted a recipe. Apologies, dear hungry readers!
The Winter has come, and hopefully wanes soon in the Northwest. I will spare you from roasted, soupy things (for now), and instead bring you sandwich. Oh yes. That wonderful comfort food you can eat with your hands. Don't you love a food that requires no utensils? Plus, this sandwich is elegant, easy, and quick. Mini versions would be excellent for a tapas party or brunch.

This has made it to Bite's blog by means of my daughter. When she wants a BLT, she asks for it "fancy". Thus the name "bliss". This is a sandwich you can get up close and personal with. There's bacon (got your attention?), creamy avocado, saltiness...and a surprise twist. It's not particularly healthy...hey...I said sandwich, not salad; but it can be just as lovely as the original with healthy twists. I will share my healthy suggestions throughout the post!
Lets do this.

Ingredients: (Mix together for one or more sandwich)

  • Your favorite bread (one of my healthy favorites is Dave's Killer Bread, a great organic, whole bread). Or, try this cradled in a big romaine lettuce leaf. Still delish.
  • Mayonnaise (Or make your own, or use Greek yogurt seasoned with lemon juice, salt, a dash of vinegar and pepper; a dash of cream of tartar if you have it, to taste. Dill is also good - fresh is best.)
  • Lettuce (Finely shred. It adds so much texture! Never turn back when it comes to sandwich greens. Simply roll, and chiffonade into ribbons of lettuce loveliness.)
  • Fresh basil (or organic tube basil).
  • Hard Parmesan (Shred it fresh. Worth it! And Parmesan is a lower in fat cheese, but packed with salty flavor.)
  • Fresh cracked pepper
  • Tomato
  • Bacon (Love your butcher, or research and know your sulfite free brands. Turkey or Tofu bacon would be equally delicious.)
  • Avocado (sliced)
  • Chocolate Balsamic (Ok...this one is not necessarily in most pantries. I get mine from Olive Branch, when they are in town and in person. Local, organic and great. But what we want is sweet and puckery - a good dark balsamic will do great.)
  • Optional: rosemary

    Making the bliss
    Cook your bacon, perhaps cut it in half for ease of plating. While cooking, crack on each side some fresh pepper. While it cooks, you can mix your mayo or greek spread with the basil, and spread on the bread.
    Then, once the bacon is done..layer! We like to layer the bacon on one side with the parm so it melts, and all the veg on the other - before we combine for the Bliss. For a healthy version, layer in a long romaine cup for a very crunchy savory wrap. Top with a very light drizzle of the balsamic.It should be a "hint" in the background.
    Serve as is, or further grill panini style! If you are healthily using romaine for your "bread", a head, when halved - and given a quick broil, (in the oven or sear on the grill) with a spritz of olive oil, gives it a great flavor. (Just cook til the edges slightly brown, and you can smell it becoming toasty.) If you are going the "double cook route", I recommend adding the balsamic not to the inside, but to the bread/lettuce itself before panini-ing or broiling, with the olive oil and a touch of dried rosemary (crush it between your fingers).
    Of course you can substitute whole wheat tortillas, or even mix the above into a carb free frittata. The balsamic drizzle is the secret kick!
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